Liberatore's Perry Hall

On Christmas Eve my family went to Liberatore's.We had a reservation,but it took so long!And there was two people who came in after us without a reservation,and they where seated immediately while we where still waiting!And then when we got seated(finally)Olivia started crying!They did have a kid's menu though.I got pizza and Owen had the butter noodles.The pizza was so good!It took long,but I didn't care!And I know why it tasted so good,too.There was a old fashioned stove which you put bread in which meant that they made there pizza homemade!But just then Santa Claus came.Everyone in my family knows Olivia's fear of Santa Claus.So of course,she cried.She cried in till Santa Claus went out the door.But besides Olivia's crying,everything was fine.Now its time for the stars!For food I'll give it ***** stars.For kid friendly I'll give it ***1/2 stars.Well,that's all for today.Bye.    

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  1. thank you for the nice review. I work at Liberatore's and also love our pizza! Next time try the mac and cheese. My 3 boys love it! they also love pokemon!

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    Thanks for the complement!