Interview With Channel Eleven News

Yesterday I went to Mt.Washington Tavern for a interview with the Channel Eleven News!They asked me question's like "Why did you create your blog?",and I answered "On a vacation I told my mom 'When I grow up,I want to be a food critic' and my mom said 'But first you need a blog' she said." I even got to try two grilled cheeses!You can see my video down below.They did the video because I'm going to be a judge at a grilled cheese contest tomorrow.Well,that's all.Bye!

Here is a link to the story on the website.

Here is a link to the video on the website. 


  1. This looks like so much fun! Oops! Seems like the link is dead. :-/

  2. Hi Eli, It was great meeting you at Mt Washington Tavern yesterday, I enjoyed all 9 grilled cheese sandwiches, did you?

    We seem to like a lot of the same foods, Pizza Hut stuffed crist, Liberatores (just went there) Ci-Ci-s pizza where I take my kids for all-you-can eat pizza & salad.

    I see you also were at my station, WCBM, in your profile pic. When did you come here? Good luck at school today. Looking forward to your story about yesterdays event.

    Brenda Carl
    WCBM Radio

  3. Hi Eli,
    We are looking forward to reading about yesterday's grilled cheese event. We saw the interview. It was very interesting. We like your blog too! Tell Olivia and Owen that we say hi! Adrienne and Hannah :)

  4. Chana Rivka

    It was very fun,Chana.


    I didn't know we have such in common!


    I can't wait to see you at the reunion!