Miguel's/1st anniversary post

I went to a place in Baltimore called Miguel's for my 1st anniversary post. It was kind of a hidden restaurant because it was at the side of a hotel. When I got in, I saw skeleton's everywhere! I also saw that there was a bar and a jar of fire balls. My mom told me those were for after you ate. And I even saw the Best of Baltimore magazine which I was in. And guess what. They were in it too! When I got seated, I realized that some signs were in Spanish. I looked at the menu and realized that the menu was in Spanish too! The only things that I could read were empanadas and quesadillas! There was no kids menu either. I got a carne asada (steak) empanada and a cheese and chicken quesadilla to share with my brother. While I was waiting, they served chips that were crunchy, which had a spicy salsa which my brother liked. We ordered calamari which was chewy and it came with a creamy sauce instead of a tomato sauce. When it came, there was a squiggle of sour cream on the plate of the quesadilla. It was delicious! The empanada was spicy, meaty, and juicy. The quesadilla was gooey and juicy. I give ***** stars for food and *** stars for kid friendliness. I WAS going to give 2 stars for kid friendly, because of the skeletons. Then I learned that skeletons were a happy decoration during Día de los Muertos in Mexico. The skeletons weren't really that scary anyway. Well, that's all. Bye!

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  1. It is not at a hotel. It is at Silo Point, which might look like a hotel, but actually has luxury condominiums. www.silopoint.com