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Gourmet Live Magazine wrote an article about kids and food called "Growing up Gourmands" and featured ME!
From Gourmet Live September 14th 2011 http://live.gourmet.com/

Eli Knauer

Many children consider dining out a welcome break from Mom’s home cooking, but for 10-year-old Eli Knauer, it’s all part of the job. As creator of the Baltimore-based blog Adventures of a Koodie, Knauer reviews local restaurants and awards them one to five stars for their kid-friendliness and food quality. “I look for the juiciness in meat, the gooeyness in cheese, and the sweetness in dessert,” he says. “But the first thing I look at is the surroundings. Is it a clean place? Is it a kid-friendly place?”

Just one year into his online reviews, Knauer has attracted a devoted following for his candid reflections and was recently nominated for a 2011 Most Valuable Blogger award from CBS TV’s Baltimore affiliate. No restaurant is safe from Knauer’s critical eye—not even Bobby Flay’s famed Burger Palace in Paramus, New Jersey, which Knauer granted a middling three stars for both kid-friendliness and food. “The cheese wasn’t very gooey” on his burger, Knauer wrote, and although the meat was “tender,” at one point it “tasted like ham.” While this young burger- and pizza-lover has a knack for dishing on dining out, Knauer says his goal is to transition from restaurant reviews to the field of food science. Nathan Myhrvold might just have met his competition.

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