Last weekend I went to Wegmans in Hunt Valley. We went there for two reasons. One was that we had to get food, and the second was because we hadn't had lunch yet.

When we got in, we went to the buffet table and got a plate. There was tons of food like chicken fingers and chicken wings, salad, fruits like strawberries, and Chinese and Indian food. I got mashed potatoes and grapes. Wegmans also has pizza, subs, and sushi. I also got cheese pizza.

Wegmans has a new drink machine where you can get cool selections of soda like cherry vanilla coke and diet raspberry coke. I had orange coke to drink.

When we got to the table, I realized that Wegmans pizza was huge! Though it was delicious! The cheese was gooey, the tomato sauce wasn't chunky, but the crust was hard and crunchy, not soft and chewy. I made the mistake of getting two pizzas instead of one, so I had to pack it up and take it home. And for the mashed potatoes and grapes,my brother, Owen, and sister, Olivia, ate it up. I give **** stars for food. I'm not doing kid friendly because technically, it wasn't a restaurant. Well, that's all. Bye!


  1. Eli,
    You need to review something other than pizza.

  2. DBK,

    I try,but everywhere I go,they have pizza!