CR Wings

Last night I went to C.R Wings.  When I came in,the atmosphere was really smokey and it was very noisy.  When we went past the kitchen to find seats,the atmosphere was really smokey,such as the air was thick.  But they had a kid's menu.  I give kid friendly 1 star.  Now for food.  I ordered chicken tender's with smile face fries.  But the problem is that they tasted the same.  I'm not saying they taste bad,it's just that I was looking for a different taste.  They had a lot of choices on the menu,it's just almost all of there dishes had chicken in them.  I know that they are known for their chicken, it's just that wouldn't you get tired of chicken?  I'm also not a very big buffalo wing fan ever.  I give food 0 star's.  My trip was a real bummer.  Well,got to go.Bye.

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  1. Well, I guess we won't be going back there! But, at least they do try to cater to kids, though, right? They did have a kids menu and kids eat for $2.99 all day from the kids menu on Sundays.

  2. To any parents reading this, CR Wings is an AWESOME place (that isn't a bar) to watch a preseason football game, split a half price pitcher of beer with your spouse, chow down on some EXPERTLY cooked wings and oh...feed your kids too. Do you or your kids need a "technical vegetable"?? Try the Zucchini sticks with tasty raspberry ranch sauce.