Empty Bowls

I went to a fund-raiser called Empty Bowls last Saturday, where you got to try different soups from different kinds of restaurants, and the money that you paid goes to homeless kids in places called shelters and other programs for the poor. Some of the programs are Beans & Bread, Youth Place, and Foodshare.

When we got there, I found that it was very crowded with people. It took us a long time to find a empty table! While my brother, sister, and mom went to the kids activities, me and my dad checked out the soups. They had a lot of restaurants there, like Gertrude's with their Cuban-style Black Bean Soup, Dogwood Cafe with their Maryland  Crab, and Mr.Rain's Fun House with their Potato Leek. We went to 3 soup places, including Nacho Mama's, but they were all out. I was also pretty depressed when I found this out because I heard that Nacho Mama's Roasted Jalapeno & Corn Chowder was delicious, and I really wanted to try it. 

My first soup that I got was Donna's Cross Key tomato bisque. It was delicious! It had a really smokey flavor, and a crunchy flavor as well. Shortly after I got the soup, the rest of the family came back from the activities, and my mom wanted some soup. That's how I was introduced to my second soup, New Potato with Smoked Gouda. We were waiting in line for the tomato bisque, for I had persuaded my mom to try it that I saw that Crush had more of their soup out, and I went over to get some. It was fantastic! It was really creamy because of the Gouda cheese. 

They also had a table with food for kids though they were all out of their macaroni & cheese. So instead I got some chocolate pudding. There was also another stand giving out cookies and drinks. I got a chocolate cookie and some lemonade. My dad had gotten me some Irish Stew from Ale Mary's. It was pretty good, but I didn't eat much of it, though, for I was nearly full.

I then went to the children's activities so I could make a pretty neat spoon craft with chocolates and make spoon people. I gave both to the shelter people for kids who don't have toys. Before we left, though, we each got a bowl to take home. I got a display bowl with a hand crafted dragon on the side.

I give **** stars for food and **** stars for kid friendly. Even though it was crowded there and soup kept running out, they had lots of entertainment, like a magic show and children's activities. Well, that's all. Bye!


  1. Okay, so if you haven't read my recent post, please do: http://villain-girl.blogspot.in/2012/04/i-need-all-help-i-can-get.html
    it's an emergency. PLEASE :)


    Those bowls look beautiful, by the way :)

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