R&R Taqueria

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.

Anyways, I went to a place called R&R Taqueria in White Marsh Mall. I went there because Guy Fieri went to the other one at Washington Blvd., and I thought that this one would be the same. When I got there, it wasn't that crowded, so we took a seat in the food court and looked at the menu.

There were many items like the Alambres, which is green peppers, onions, bacon and ham with with cheese on top, their Huevos, which is basically fried eggs served upon fried corn tortillas tomato-chili sauce or Salsa Verde, and the Pollo A La Parilla, which is blackened chicken platter, grilled chicken, Mexican Rice, Re-fried beans, Tortillas, and Pico De Gallo.

But among all these wonderful foods, it didn't have a kid's menu. So, I got a Make-Your-Own Quesadilla with beef tongue and cheese. If your wondering what is beef tongue, it's exactly like what it says: the tongue of a cow. I know it may sound disgusting to you, but it's actually pretty good.

Even though I got what I wanted, my dad wasn't so lucky. He tried to get 2 things, that they were both out of, before settling on a taco. My mom had the Huaraches. She wasn't a fan.

My Quesadilla was delicious! The beef was moist and juicy, and the cheese was cheesy and gooey. I give *** stars for food and ** stars for kid friendly. I give 2 stars for kid friendly because adding to no kid's menu, the only place to sit was in the food court in the mall. Even though I didn't really like this place, my dad thinks we got a surge of bad luck, so we may go another time. Well, that's all. Bye!

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  1. Hey, doesn't Guy Fieri host Minute To Win It on NBC?