Cheezys Pizza and Chicken Out

This week was a busy week!I had food from two different restaurant's.First,I went  to Cheezys Pizza and got some bacon pizza to take home on Wednesday before Cub Scouts.Boy it was delicious!The pizza was baked to perfection!And the crust was so puffy I had to have it.I give **** star's for food.

I also had Chicken Out.It wasn't such a success.The chicken was kind of good.The sweet mashed potatoes wasn't my favorite ever.The rest to me was YUCK!I give * 1/2 star's for food.Well,that's all.Bye.  


Cracker Barrel

Today I went to Cracker Barrel to see my Uncle Mike who is in the Army before he goes to Afganistan.Boy the food was good and it was very kid friendly.They had a kid's meal,check!They had something to do like checkers and a peg game at the table,check!But they had no toys with a kid's meal.No mater.It's a old country restaurant, so there's no need.But they do have a place where you can by toys.I give kid friendly ****  star's.Now for food.I ordered two pancakes and bacon.But they got mixed up and gave me my brother's order by mistake.But they corrected it and I ate almost all of it. I also love there biscuits with butter.I give food **** star's.Well,it's time for bed.Bye!    


Red Robin's Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger

Guess what,I went to Red Robin and got the new Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger on Tuesday night*.It was so good.It's creamy honey-cayenne mayo and crunchy apple wood bacon with the Havarti cheese is something you'd probably do anything to get.And the sweet'n'spicy honey glaze makes me love lemonade(my favorite drink.),the sweet collides so good with the sour - its really good and a 10 year old even created it!I didn't want to put it down!But hurry since its only available for sale until Sunday, September 12!And just a reminder for other kids that you also have until Sunday to enter the Red Robin Kids' Cook-Off contest!I better get cooking!Well,that's all.Bye!  

*50 cents from the purchase of every Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger goes to support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) - up to $50,000

Some photos my dad took with his phone:


New at Morton's The Steakhouse

On Wednesday  I was stuck with my mom because school  was closed.I had to go to an event at Morton's Steakhouse with my mom.But I wanted to go there anyways.I had never been to a fancy steakhouse before.I  thought I'd like the new salmon pizza and the blue cheese on steak,but I didn't.I also missed getting a piece of the steak's.But my mom got me their chicken finger's,witch was good.And also the cheesecake and the hot chocolate cake where delicious!I give***** star's for food.Well,got to go.Bye.

Photo courtesy of Dara Bunjon - Baltimore Dining Examiner


Maryland State Fair Photo

Oops! I forgot to include this picture with my review of the Maryland State Fair.This is me eating my pit beef sandwich.