Spoutwood Farm Teen Battle CHEFS

I was asked to come to Spoutwood  Farm's Teen Battle CHEFS, which is an eight session program that teaches teens and "tweens" how to cook, on the last day for the final "battle."

When I got there, the teams had already figured out what they were making. Blue team was making bruschetta, red team was making spinach quesadillas, and the brother and sister team was making cucumber and peach salad.

While I was waiting for the teams to finish their dishes, I helped get mint from the garden. The mint was for an experimental drink the leaders of the teams and Mrs. Liz, the sponsor, were making. I got to see that the farm had a lot of vegetation and wildlife, like sugar snap peas, tomatoes, butterflies, and wood wasps. And I also learned that all of the veggies and fruit that were in the farm's garden were used in the chef's meals.

Finally, the food was ready! The Cucumber and Peach Salad was sweet, but it was missing some pepper. The bruschetta was crunchy and tasted like pizza, but was a little bland. The spinach quesadillas were my favorite. They were served warm, and the goat cheese and spinach complemented each other greatly. The drink was supposed to be like a lemon-lime soda with mint. It was refreshing but I think they needed more fizz and less lemon-lime. I didn't think it was a good combination with the mint.

Overall, I give ***** stars for the food since the meals were made by teens and I think they did a good job. I didn't rate kid friendliness since it was made by teens.

I might actually try to attend the camp next year to make my own culinary creation! Well, that's all. Bye!


The North Carolina Adventure: Dessert


Last but not least, I went to a place called the Fudgery in North Carolina. When I came in, I saw they had posters of old advertisements, and each one had the owner of the Fudgery on it. They also had ice cream and caramel apples. The staff was really friendly. 

There were different types of fudge like Cookies n' Cream, Rocky Road, Dark Chocolate Nut and Maple Fudge. There were also caramel apple flavors like Pecan, Oreo, and Chocolate chip. I tried a sample of a fudge called Extraordinary Chocolate. I thought it was amazing! It was creamy, smooth, and had a large chocolate and sugar flavor. It tasted like it was from heaven!

I also watched them make the fudge, which was really cool. 

I give ***** stars for food. I'm not judging kid friendliness because I think fudge is kid friendly enough.

I would really want to come here when I don't have braces so I can have a caramel apple. Well, on to my ending!

Thank you for reading all of this (but if you didn't, then do it!). I hope that you have a great rest of the summer, dine at the right places, and continue to keep reading my posts. Well, that's all. Bye

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The North Carolina Adventure: Dinner


On our way home from North Carolina, we stopped at a place called Digger's Diner. This was on our list of places to go. 

When we first drove in, I saw it wasn't just a diner. It had a farm, a gift shop, a monster truck tune-up shop, life size statues of Grave Digger, and even a part were you can ride on a monster truck!

We first went to the attractions, which were awesome, before dining at the diner. When I walked in to the diner, I saw that there were parts of Grave Digger on the ceiling (which scared my sister, Olivia), TVs, and even coloring books! 

On the menu, there were items like Slap Wheelies for breakfast, which is basically 3 Pancakes with ham, bacon, or sausage. For lunch or dinner, they had Digger Dogs, which is 2 hot dogs with a choice of mustard, ketchup, onion, and relish, Legend, which is 2 stories of turkey, ham, bacon, with American Cheese served on toasted bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, Winner's circle cold plate, which are 3 salads of your choice, and a Cyclone, which is another name for a shake. There was also a kids menu, which had chicken fingers, grilled cheese, and macaroni and cheese. I had a kids grilled cheese since I wanted to try something from the kids menu.

While we waited, I watched Television while my sister drew in the coloring books and my dad chatted with the workers. I also observed the Grave Digger parts on the ceiling, since it took a while before our food came.

Finally, our food came! The grilled cheese was okay. It was warm and cheesy, but didn't have much flavor besides that. 

I give *** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendliness. The reason why I gave 3 stars for food was because that even though the grilled cheese wasn't as good as I hoped for, I think that the other items would've tasted better. I would recommend toasting the bread on the grilled cheese. I would also recommend adding more space in the diner.

I loved being able to ride on a monster truck and would love to come back here again. Well, on to our final post!
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The North Carolina Adventure: Lunch


Next on my North Carolina adventure, I went to a place called Pigman's BBQ. We went there for lunch on our way to the Cape Hatteras, one of the most famous lighthouses in America.

When I came in, I saw they had a lot of merchandise, such as BBQ Sauce, T-shirts, and coffee mugs. They also had lots of pictures and other decorations.

On the menu, there were items like the Half Rack Rib Plate, Beef BBQ Boat, and a Tuna-Que. They also had a kids menu, which consisted of a Kiddie-Que meal, a Kid Dog meal, and a Kid Tender meal. But, they did sell large portions of food. I got a Beef BBQ sandwich since they didn't have Beef BBQ as a Kiddie-Que meal option.

While we were waiting for our food, I noticed that there were some flies and even a bee on the window next to us, which bugged me.

Finally, our food came. I thought the hush puppies were the best part. They were sweet and warm.

I give **** stars for food, but only **1/2 stars for kid friendliness. The reason why I only gave **1/2 stars was because even though they had a kids menu, there were bugs in the restaurant and there was no entertainment. I would recommend taking out the bugs and add some entertainment. I would also recommend that they add more items on the kids menu like Macaroni & Cheese. How about we go on to the next restaurant review!

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The North Carolina Adventure: Breakfast

I went to North Carolina with my family so I could hang out at the beach with my grandpa and his wife, Marie. While I was there, I went to 4 restaurants. I'm ordering the reviews in the order of a 4 course meal (including dessert), so it's easier to read and understand. Well, here's my North Carolina food adventure!


I went to a place called Duck Donuts in Duck, North Carolina. I went there because I heard that they had really good donuts. Also, they have only 4 locations, and all of them were on the island.

When I came there, I realized 2 things. One was that it was separated into 2 parts, order and pickup, in different buildings. The second thing was that it was hidden among other restaurants. When I came in, there was lots and lots of Duck Donuts and Outer Banks merchandise, like toys, shirts, and coffee mugs. 

I also noticed that they served their donuts hot and you could create your own donut. I got three donuts: a donut with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, one with peanut butter icing, and one with cinnamon sugar. 

They tasted delicious! The chocolate icing with chocolate sprinkles was chocolaty, the peanut butter icing one had a great peanut butter taste, cinnamon sugar one had lots of cinnamon taste, and they all were warm.

I give ***** stars for food. The reason why I didn't give a rating for kid friendliness was because that any place with only donuts, is really kid friendly!

I would really want to come back so I could get donuts! It's too bad that they don't have any in Maryland! But, oh well! I guess I'll have to wait till next summer! Now, on to the next restaurant!

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