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In addition to sometimes writing for Cool Progeny and Macaroni Kid I am now writing for the Citypeek website. I am the new Kiddie Peek Blogger so look for my review once a month. Here is my first review of Phillips.

Young Foodie becomes a Blogger for his Generation

Eli Knauer is 10 years old, and started his blog, Adventures of a Koodie (www.thekoodie.com), because he loves to eat! CITYPEEK Patti had the pleasure of sitting down with him as he enjoyed a VIP Kids Experience at Phillips Seafood Restaurants' Harborplace location. This was our introduction to welcome Eli to the CITYPEEK family. We have been asked countless times to cover more kid favorites, so welcome our new Kiddie Peek Blogger, Mr. Eli Knauer (10 years old). We kept the article just as he wrote it, fyi.

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S'ghetti Eddie's

I went to S'ghetti Eddie's because I was being interviewed and they wanted to get my picture at a restaurant. We tried to go to a place called Hightopps, but they said we couldn't take pictures there, so my mom came up with S'ghetti Eddie's.

When we got there, I saw that there was a pinball machine. We sat down and ordered are food. Other than spaghetti, they have pizza such as Colors of Italy, Chicken Parmesan, and Meateater, hoagies (hoagies are subs), hamburgers and beef hot dogs. The kids meal wasn't on the kids menu. Instead, it was on something called Just a nibble, which has other foods on it like mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce and soup of the day. That is a bad thing because people would get confused and think there isn't a kids menu. And they only had three choices on the kids menu! I had a kids spaghetti and meatball. We also ordered mozzarella sticks.

While I was deciding, my dad and brother were testing the pinball machines. And guess what. They didn't work! But just then the food came out. My food was huge! The spaghetti even came with garlic bread. The spaghetti was delicious, there was lots of tomato sauce, and the meatball was juicy. Though it was too juicy, so it was too soft and it fell apart. There was so much of it, I decided to pack it up so I could save room for dessert.

I had a cannoli for dessert. They also have ice cream and snowballs. When I got the cannoli, I knew it was going to be good. There was a chocolate pattern on it and the plate, and chocolate chips were everywhere! It was better than it looked. It was creamy, crunchy, and chocolatey. I ate every bite with joy!

I give **** stars for food and *** stars for kid friendly. Well, that's all. Bye!

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Last weekend I went to Wegmans in Hunt Valley. We went there for two reasons. One was that we had to get food, and the second was because we hadn't had lunch yet.

When we got in, we went to the buffet table and got a plate. There was tons of food like chicken fingers and chicken wings, salad, fruits like strawberries, and Chinese and Indian food. I got mashed potatoes and grapes. Wegmans also has pizza, subs, and sushi. I also got cheese pizza.

Wegmans has a new drink machine where you can get cool selections of soda like cherry vanilla coke and diet raspberry coke. I had orange coke to drink.

When we got to the table, I realized that Wegmans pizza was huge! Though it was delicious! The cheese was gooey, the tomato sauce wasn't chunky, but the crust was hard and crunchy, not soft and chewy. I made the mistake of getting two pizzas instead of one, so I had to pack it up and take it home. And for the mashed potatoes and grapes,my brother, Owen, and sister, Olivia, ate it up. I give **** stars for food. I'm not doing kid friendly because technically, it wasn't a restaurant. Well, that's all. Bye!


California Pizza Kitchen

I went to California Pizza Kitchen in Hunt Valley because I had a coupon for a free kid's meal for my birthday.When we came in,it was very crowded,and the hostess said it would be 20 minutes in till there would be a open table.While we waited,we looked at the menu outside,but it was sinking in the case,so we couldn't see all of the kid's menu.Then we waited inside some more in till our table was called.When we were seated they gave me a kid's menu,wrote down what we wanted to drink,and left.When I saw the menu,there where Pizzas like Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage,Chicken like Crispy Chicken,Pasta and Salad like Buttered Fusilli and CPK salad,and Desserts like Fresh Fruit and ice cream.There were plenty of activity's on the kid's menu.When I got my food,I stared at the mouth watering Original BBQ Chicken pizza.It tasted better then it looked!My favorite part of it was the BBQ sauce.It went great with the pizza!When I was done the waitress asked what I wanted for dessert and I said I wanted the M&M's Sundae.When I got it,it was like a miniature version of the Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae,only with M&M's.It was delicious!When I was done,I was stuffed and happy.I give ***** star's for food and **** star's for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

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Morton's The Steakhouse

A few weeks ago some news people came to see me.My mom said the plan was to go to Morton's after they did some filming at my house.My mom drove me and a camera person to Morton's and she was even interviewing me in the car!When we got to Morton's they had me get out of the car and in the car a couple of times and they did a video of me walking in the restaurant and greeting the manager.Morton's is a fancy restaurant because people wear bow ties and fancy chef hats.Then the manager walked us to our table.We sat down at our table and the manager asked if I wanted a dark napkin and I though he said nebulla.I didn't know what that was!But he brought me a black napkin anyway and he also got me a water and a coke.The waiter came over and introduced us to the menu.The news people had me stand beside the lobster.I stood there for a few minutes staring at it and then I realized it was alive!I whispered to my mom"Mommy,the lobster is alive!".After that we ordered our food.I asked for a kid friendly menu and there were cheeseburgers, chicken fingers but they had a different name, and some other foods.I got a cheeseburger and said I wanted American cheese and bacon since you can ask for anything you want and it came with french fries.While we were waiting for our food some waiters would come over to our table and refill our drinks.Then our food came.The burger was humongous!Since the burger was hot I ate the french fries first(I think I kind of over did it with the french french fries).Since the burger was so big my mom cut into pieces for me.It tasted delicious.The meat was juicy, the cheese was gooey and the bacon was crunchy.But I couldn't finish it because it was so big and my mom wanted me to save room for dessert.Before the dessert came out I got to meet the chef and he was very nice.Then the dessert came out and when I say humongous,I say HUMUNGOUS!I got the Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae.It was so big that my mom said that we could share it.For all you sweet tooth fans you would love this!All the top was whipped cream and most of the bottom was hot fudge.I barely got any ice cream!Since the cheeseburger was so big this didn't really help me either.I barely had eaten any when I got full.Since we couldn't package it they would have to throw it away.I give ***** stars for food and *1/2stars for kid friendly.I was going to give kid friendly ** stars but when I got home I felt sick from eating too much.If you want to have your child go out to Morton's make sure his stomach is completely empty so he can eat every bite of his food.And make sure that he doesn't eat all of the humongous Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae they don't get a humongous stomach ache!Well,that's all.Bye!

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Max's Dog House

Last week I went to Max's Dog House in New Freedom,Pennsylvania with my Grandma and my 6 year old brother,Owen.When we got in,there where instrument's on a short stage.My Grandma said that people play there at night.Then we ordered food and sat down.I asked the waitress where was Max,the owner's dog.She said Max was taking a walk.Then I asked if I had permission to go to the play area,and she said yes.There was a computer,TV,and even a Play Station 3!I don't have a Play Station of any sort,so I asked for help.A teenage boy tried to help,but it was confusing.Just then the owner's son came in and helped us.But then there was another problem.On Guitar Hero 5,somebody had messed up the game,so we couldn't play anyways. But then Grandma said that our food was here.And speaking of food,did I forget the menu at the top?I think I did,so here's the menu.There are Hot Dogs named The Maximus,Polock Jockey,Italian sausage,Jamaican Bacon,Cardiac Pig,Ball Park,Nathan's Beef.There's more,but it's so long it would make you really bored at the end(to see the rest,click on the linked website on this blog post.).I had a Jamaican Bacon with French Fries, Churros and Fried Oreos.When I tried my hot dog it was too spicy,so I ordered another hot dog,the Ball Park.When I got it,I tried a bite.It was delicious!It tasted like the hot dogs that you get at Ball Games.And the desserts where fantastic!The Fried Oreos where better than when there not fried,and the Churros where a sugary sensation!I give **** star's for food and ***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!


New The Greene Turtle

A few weeks ago I went to the Green Turtle in Hunt Valley.The restaurant had just opened.When we got to it,it had a television outside showing a baseball game.When I got inside,it was like TV heaven!Everywhere I looked,there where TV's!When we got seated there was a tiny TV on the right of us and the controls on my side.I changed it to nickelodeon.A little while later they gave us the kid's menu.It had fun activity's on it for children.They had food like Turtle Tenders and Cheese Pizza.I had the Two Mini Cheeseburgers.When they got them,I realized they had pickles.Since I hate pickles,my mom took them off.Then I started to eat.It was delicious!The only problem was that there was no juiciness to the meat and no gooeness to the cheese(I made up gooeness.If you know how to spell it,say it in a comment).For this,I give *** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

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Peace A Pizza on Macaroni Kid

I wrote a guest restaurant review for the Macaroni Kid website and I wrote about my trip to Peace A Pizza. Here it is and you can even win a gift card:

Adventures of a Koodie Review: Peace A Pizza

Win a Gift Card to Peace a Pizza to Try it for Yourself!
As you already know, Macaroni Kid West Baltimore loves the kids.  We also love to support our local businesses.  So, we definitely love when we can do both at the same time.  Our favorite guest writer, Eli, is back with another review from a local family friendly restaurant, Peace A Pizza.
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