Last night I went to DuClaw in Bel Air with my dad for dinner*.It was crowded!It also smelled like beer.Though the place was big,so there was no line.Even though they mostly serve beer,but they do have a kid's menu.They have a great selection of items such as grilled cheese and dino nuggets.I had ribs with tumble weed fries and Hank's root beer(the best around).It was delicious!The tumble weed fries where great.They tasted like regular french fries only smaller and they were really crispy.The ribs I loved.They were juicy and the bbq sauce tasted sweet.The root beer was like heaven.I also had a dessert slider,which was vanilla cake,chocolate chip brownie,cherry  mascarpone,homemade yellow whipped cream,green coconut,all on two sesame seed cookies.It tasted good,but it kept falling apart.The waitress,Hillary,was very nice.I give ***** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

*I was invited to visit DuClaw to see if their menu was kid-friendly.

Me taking notes at the restaurant


Dessert slider! 

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Today for my dad's birthday I went to Clementine.And guess what?The owner is a follower on my blog!At first I saw no kid friendliness,just a crowded bar.But when I went into the other room(which I didn't see),I changed my mind.In there was a play area,and the menu had plenty of kid friendly choices,like macaroni & cheese(weird looking macaroni & cheese) and peanut butter & jelly.I had the french toast casserole.And guess what?It had whipped cream on top(not to mention the sugar on the plate!)!It was delicious!It was soggy(the good type of soggy[It was soggy from the maple syrup,which is also good]),crunchy goodness!I give **** 1/2 stars for kid friendly and ***** stars for food.Well,that's all.Bye! 

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Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

On Sunday I went to Mt.Washington Tavern's Grilled Cheese Cook-Off(though you probably already knew that).When I got there they where still setting up,so I had to wait a little while.When they where ready,the judges and me where lead upstairs to our seats.They had them reserved so nobody would eat at the table.There where three categories,presentation,food(it wasn't called taste,and score.The first was a bacon grilled cheese with sauce under neath it.I gave it a 6 for presentation and a 4 for taste.Another grilled cheese I remember was a soup in a sandwich.It came with a little bath toy on the the sandwich(to bad I accidentally left it there!).I gave a 4 for presentation and a 8 for food.There's a grilled cheese which came with chips,tomato mouse,and a little dessert sandwich.If I where judging kid friendly,I'd give that grilled cheese a 10!Though the one I liked most was a  fruit salad sandwich grilled cheese.It had honey mustard,nuts,and apples on it.I gave a 7 for presentation and a 8 for taste.Even though she didn't win,I still had a great time.Well,that's all.Bye! 
A picture of me and one of the other celebrity judges, WJZ13's Ron Matz!

You can check out pictures my dad took of the event here.
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Interview With Channel Eleven News

Yesterday I went to Mt.Washington Tavern for a interview with the Channel Eleven News!They asked me question's like "Why did you create your blog?",and I answered "On a vacation I told my mom 'When I grow up,I want to be a food critic' and my mom said 'But first you need a blog' she said." I even got to try two grilled cheeses!You can see my video down below.They did the video because I'm going to be a judge at a grilled cheese contest tomorrow.Well,that's all.Bye!

Here is a link to the story on the website.

Here is a link to the video on the website.