Texas Roadhouse

Yesterday I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with my grandma, papap, Owen and Olivia in York, Pennsylvania.I had a ranger meal sirloin steak meal.Boy,was it tasty!It was juicy and delicious.But I was too sleepy to eat it at the restaurant.And when I was in my grandma's car,I was hungry!So I ate it at my grandma's house.I give ***** stars for food.Now it is time for kid friendly.They had kids meals including ranger meals for bigger kids but there weren't a lout of choices.The restaurant wasn't very kid friendly either.There were a lout of peanuts on the floor and somebody could trip on them.But there was a very nice waitress called Coulny.I give ***1/2 stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all. Bye!


Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night I went to my grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner.There where appetizers such as olives,cheese,peperoni,and over foods.I give the appetizers ** stars for kid friendly.This is because most children wouldn't like the olives and I don't have any interest in the peperoni.The first and  second courses where butternut squash soup and salad.The butternut squash soup was delicious,but almost all of my family isn't a salad fan.I give *** stars for kid friendly.Then the third course and dessert was turkey,mashed sweet potatoes,a baked potato,stuffing,grapes,apple pie,and pumpkin pie.The stuffing was to spicy,and the mashed sweet potatoes had onions,witch I don't like.I give *** stars for kid friendly.I set up doing this review by adding up the kid friendly stars and doing that for my food stars.And if I was on a scale of 1-10,I'd give ******** stars for food.Well,that's all.Bye!  

 Me and my brother Owen in the car on the way home from my grandpa's house


Noodles & Company and a Milkshake

Guess what.I got the Z,Burger milkshake!But before I get started on that,I need to get started on this.On Tuesday I went to Noodles&Company.I got some macaroni and cheese.Boy was it good!It was so cheesy,I thought I was in a cheese wonderland!The noodles didn't taste like anything,witch I'll have to take a point or two off.I'll give ****1/2 stars for food.The kid friendly was AWFUL!There was no kid's meal,barely any kid friendly foods,not even a play room(witch would've helped )!I give ** stars for kid friendly.Now,drum roll please,my interview for Z,Burger's milkshake!It was absolutely fabulous,delicious,and much more great words!I had the special milkshake,or milkshake of the day,witch was mix any two milkshakes.I had mud pie mixed with caramel.It was awesome!It had rough chocolate pieces and a smooth caramel taste.As I always say,rough and smooth make the cake!I give it ***** stars.Well,that's all.Have a happy Thanksgiving!   

Noodles & Company


Thanksgiving School Lunch

On Thursday I decided to interview my school's lunch.They where having a special Thanksgiving lunch including mashed potatoes with gravy*,turkey*,green beans,a milk*,and a free cookie*.The reason why I put stars next to most of the food is that those I ate.The turkey was great,and would be even better with gravy.The mashed potatoes where fantastic,and every thing else was delicious.I give ***** stars for food.And everybody knows that school is a kid friendly place.Well,that's all.Bye!


Chicken Corn Quesadilla with Cumin Cream

Tonight I didn't go to a restaurant or hotel,but finally I've interviewed my dad's cooking!That's right folks!For generations I've done food from restaurants week after week,but I now have made a new creation!The viewers wanted me to do a interview of my my dad's cooking.I was afraid to not do it,for I thought I'd lose them.So my dad made a Mexican dish witch he called :Chicken Quesadilla with Cumin Cream(including corn and squash).He used spices such as garlic,ground pepper,and other spices.It was toasted to perfection.The cream was sensational,and all the rest was great!The meat was juicy enough,and only one mistake(witch was only a toaster mistake)!I give my dad's cooking ***** stars(no kid friendly because not a restaurant)!Well,it's getting late.Bye!

P.S,my dad is going to share the recipe soon!


McDonald's McRib

Last night I went to McDonalds and got A McRib.It was awsome!But I think it would be even better with mozzerela cheese.I got a medium Coke with it(wich made it even better).I loved the BBQ sauce,but it wasn't juicy enough(because I love juicy meat).I give that food **** 1/2 stars.Oh,and *** stars for kid friendly(because it comes with onions and pickles,wich I hate).Well,thats all.Don't forget to vote for me for the Baltimore Sun Mobbies Awards!

Here is a picture my dad took.



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