S&J Crab Ranch In Towson

I went to a place called S&J Crab Ranch in Towson,MD. When I got there, a waitress immediately seated us and left so we could look at the menu. They had lots of items on it, such as the Crab Ranch Burger, Baby Back Ribs, and Free Range Chicken. They also had kids meal items such as Fried Shrimp, Grilled Cheese, and Mac n' Cheese.

Since they had ribs and this was such a grown up restaurant, I decided not to get a item on the kids menu. Instead, I got a half rack of Baby Back Ribs. My dad also chose my sides which was sweet potato fries and macaroni and cheese. They also had other sides like Salad, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Coleslaw. We also got an appetizer, which was Onion Rings. They were pretty good. They were crunchy, and were the best onion rings I've ever had. It was a very short while before our food came, and when I saw the ribs, I couldn't wait to try it. The ribs were awesome! They were messy, juicy, and had BBQ sauce on it(because I asked for it). They also fell off easily, though they didn't have much meat between the bones. The sweet potato fries were also very good. They were both salty and sweet. I didn't try the mac n' cheese because I gave it to my sister, Olivia.

I give **** stars for food and *** stars for kid friendly. The reason I give 3 stars for kid friendly is because they didn't have any coloring pages, just papers ripped from a coloring book, and we had to ask for crayons. Well, that's all. Bye!

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New Sonic in Rosedale

I went to a new Sonic in Rosedale for dinner one night. When we got there, it wasn't that crowded with cars. Since this was a Sonic, we parked and waited to order.

Once my mom explained the items, I decided what I wanted.Some of the items on the kids meal are the hot dog, grilled cheese, and the Jr.burger. I wanted the kids chicken tenders with a side of tater tots and a lemon-berry real fruit slushie, which was the exact same thing my brother got. My sister got a corn dog with tater tots and a lemon-berry real fruit slushie, and my mom got a chicken sandwich with a diet cherry limeade.

It took a really long time for our food to come, and it wasn't really worth it. Though there was a guy with roller skates that served our food, which is both different and cool. The chicken tenders were chewy and crunchy, but weren't juicy, though the tater tots were delicious! Plus, the slush had real lemons in it(that probably explains why it's called a real fruit slushie), which makes it a little more healthier than most slushies.

I give **** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendly. the reason I give 5 stars for kid friendliness because they had 5 things on the menu, which is more than I usually see on kids menu's. Also, the kids meals come with a toy, and you don't have to get the appetizers and drink that I got. You can also get apples and french fries as a appetizer and other slushies, coke, sprite, and Dr.Pepper. Well, that's all. Bye!

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Happy New Year! Sorry that I haven't been posting a lot but I have been really busy. I also just got over being sick after Christmas.

I went to Chazz in Baltimore for Christmas Eve with my family. When we got there, even though we didn't have a reservation, we got in, since we came before 7:00. When we got to our table, it was looking pretty good. It was really fancy, and they did have a kids meal(even though it was a small one).

On the menu they had pizzas like Burrata Pizza, Fungi Pizza, Broccoli Rabe Pizza and Veal Meatball Pizza. They also had appetizers and pasta. On the kids menu they only had three things which were Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Pizza, and Pasta. I had the Cheese Pizza while my brother got the Pepperoni Pizza.

While we were waiting, we were munching on the Calamari we ordered. It was the best Calamari that I ever had.

It wasn't too long before our food came, and when I saw it, I thought it was beautiful. It was cooked perfectly with only a few burnt places on the crust. It was also cheesy and the burnt spots didn't make it worse, though I was missing the tomato flavor. The pizza that Owen, my brother, got didn't look like a regular Pepperoni Pizza, though. The pepperoni didn't look so good. It was reddish-brownish, not the regular red, and my brother said that it tasted funny(I don't like pepperoni, so I didn't try it). That was because it was dried salami, which is kind of what pepperoni is but not what you get at a regular pizza place. Besides that, everything was great.

I give **** stars for kid friendly and **** stars for food. I think lots of the items are very good, though most kids and some adults should look out for the pepperoni's strong flavor. Well, that's all. Bye!

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