Richardson Farms

Today I went to Richardson Farms for lunch(we also got our Christmas tree there,too).It was also a grocery store.I had a half of a pork,cheddar pot pie with onions.It was big,but delicious!The pork was kind of tough,though.But everything else was fine.I also had a delicious birch beer and all of the other foods were fresh!My brother and sister had macaroni and cheese witch was the most kid friendly and my mom had a turkey sandwich.There were free samples of corn bread,too.I give it ****1/2 stars for food.I'm not going to do kid friendly because its supposed to be a grocery store,not a restaurant.There weren't really many places to sit but we found a table with the Christmas trees.Well,that's all.Bye. 

My brother Owen and me


Texas Roadhouse

Yesterday I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with my grandma, papap, Owen and Olivia in York, Pennsylvania.I had a ranger meal sirloin steak meal.Boy,was it tasty!It was juicy and delicious.But I was too sleepy to eat it at the restaurant.And when I was in my grandma's car,I was hungry!So I ate it at my grandma's house.I give ***** stars for food.Now it is time for kid friendly.They had kids meals including ranger meals for bigger kids but there weren't a lout of choices.The restaurant wasn't very kid friendly either.There were a lout of peanuts on the floor and somebody could trip on them.But there was a very nice waitress called Coulny.I give ***1/2 stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all. Bye!


Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night I went to my grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner.There where appetizers such as olives,cheese,peperoni,and over foods.I give the appetizers ** stars for kid friendly.This is because most children wouldn't like the olives and I don't have any interest in the peperoni.The first and  second courses where butternut squash soup and salad.The butternut squash soup was delicious,but almost all of my family isn't a salad fan.I give *** stars for kid friendly.Then the third course and dessert was turkey,mashed sweet potatoes,a baked potato,stuffing,grapes,apple pie,and pumpkin pie.The stuffing was to spicy,and the mashed sweet potatoes had onions,witch I don't like.I give *** stars for kid friendly.I set up doing this review by adding up the kid friendly stars and doing that for my food stars.And if I was on a scale of 1-10,I'd give ******** stars for food.Well,that's all.Bye!  

 Me and my brother Owen in the car on the way home from my grandpa's house


Noodles & Company and a Milkshake

Guess what.I got the Z,Burger milkshake!But before I get started on that,I need to get started on this.On Tuesday I went to Noodles&Company.I got some macaroni and cheese.Boy was it good!It was so cheesy,I thought I was in a cheese wonderland!The noodles didn't taste like anything,witch I'll have to take a point or two off.I'll give ****1/2 stars for food.The kid friendly was AWFUL!There was no kid's meal,barely any kid friendly foods,not even a play room(witch would've helped )!I give ** stars for kid friendly.Now,drum roll please,my interview for Z,Burger's milkshake!It was absolutely fabulous,delicious,and much more great words!I had the special milkshake,or milkshake of the day,witch was mix any two milkshakes.I had mud pie mixed with caramel.It was awesome!It had rough chocolate pieces and a smooth caramel taste.As I always say,rough and smooth make the cake!I give it ***** stars.Well,that's all.Have a happy Thanksgiving!   

Noodles & Company


Thanksgiving School Lunch

On Thursday I decided to interview my school's lunch.They where having a special Thanksgiving lunch including mashed potatoes with gravy*,turkey*,green beans,a milk*,and a free cookie*.The reason why I put stars next to most of the food is that those I ate.The turkey was great,and would be even better with gravy.The mashed potatoes where fantastic,and every thing else was delicious.I give ***** stars for food.And everybody knows that school is a kid friendly place.Well,that's all.Bye!


Chicken Corn Quesadilla with Cumin Cream

Tonight I didn't go to a restaurant or hotel,but finally I've interviewed my dad's cooking!That's right folks!For generations I've done food from restaurants week after week,but I now have made a new creation!The viewers wanted me to do a interview of my my dad's cooking.I was afraid to not do it,for I thought I'd lose them.So my dad made a Mexican dish witch he called :Chicken Quesadilla with Cumin Cream(including corn and squash).He used spices such as garlic,ground pepper,and other spices.It was toasted to perfection.The cream was sensational,and all the rest was great!The meat was juicy enough,and only one mistake(witch was only a toaster mistake)!I give my dad's cooking ***** stars(no kid friendly because not a restaurant)!Well,it's getting late.Bye!

P.S,my dad is going to share the recipe soon!


McDonald's McRib

Last night I went to McDonalds and got A McRib.It was awsome!But I think it would be even better with mozzerela cheese.I got a medium Coke with it(wich made it even better).I loved the BBQ sauce,but it wasn't juicy enough(because I love juicy meat).I give that food **** 1/2 stars.Oh,and *** stars for kid friendly(because it comes with onions and pickles,wich I hate).Well,thats all.Don't forget to vote for me for the Baltimore Sun Mobbies Awards!

Here is a picture my dad took.



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Guess what!I just found out that my blog got nominated as an outstanding food blog for a Baltimore Sun contest - The Mobbies!I know that you want to be on my side,so vote for me!But you can't vote in till November 2 and voting end's on November 12,my mom's b-day(b-day=birthday).So send those votes!



I am sorry that I have been posting  but 4th grade is a lot of work.

On Sunday I went to Z'Burger for dinner.It was just like a Five Guy's,only that they had better food and even kid's meals.Witch reminds me, the food was Great!I got a kid's meal with a cheese burger with bacon and it was great!I didn't even mind the sesame seeds!(witch I usually hate.)It came with french fries and they were good but they were not as greasy as I like them.They also have 75 milkshakes,but that's for another time.I was way too full for a milkshake.I give ***** stars for food.Now for kid friendly.They had these tray car's witch came with every kid's menu.They also had some milkshakes like banana oreo or marshmallow that I think kids would like.I give kid friendly ***** stars.I think that I like Z'Burger more than Five Guys.Well,that's all.Hope you like my post!


Cheezys Pizza and Chicken Out

This week was a busy week!I had food from two different restaurant's.First,I went  to Cheezys Pizza and got some bacon pizza to take home on Wednesday before Cub Scouts.Boy it was delicious!The pizza was baked to perfection!And the crust was so puffy I had to have it.I give **** star's for food.

I also had Chicken Out.It wasn't such a success.The chicken was kind of good.The sweet mashed potatoes wasn't my favorite ever.The rest to me was YUCK!I give * 1/2 star's for food.Well,that's all.Bye.  


Cracker Barrel

Today I went to Cracker Barrel to see my Uncle Mike who is in the Army before he goes to Afganistan.Boy the food was good and it was very kid friendly.They had a kid's meal,check!They had something to do like checkers and a peg game at the table,check!But they had no toys with a kid's meal.No mater.It's a old country restaurant, so there's no need.But they do have a place where you can by toys.I give kid friendly ****  star's.Now for food.I ordered two pancakes and bacon.But they got mixed up and gave me my brother's order by mistake.But they corrected it and I ate almost all of it. I also love there biscuits with butter.I give food **** star's.Well,it's time for bed.Bye!    


Red Robin's Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger

Guess what,I went to Red Robin and got the new Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger on Tuesday night*.It was so good.It's creamy honey-cayenne mayo and crunchy apple wood bacon with the Havarti cheese is something you'd probably do anything to get.And the sweet'n'spicy honey glaze makes me love lemonade(my favorite drink.),the sweet collides so good with the sour - its really good and a 10 year old even created it!I didn't want to put it down!But hurry since its only available for sale until Sunday, September 12!And just a reminder for other kids that you also have until Sunday to enter the Red Robin Kids' Cook-Off contest!I better get cooking!Well,that's all.Bye!  

*50 cents from the purchase of every Spicy Honey Glazed Bacon Burger goes to support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) - up to $50,000

Some photos my dad took with his phone:


New at Morton's The Steakhouse

On Wednesday  I was stuck with my mom because school  was closed.I had to go to an event at Morton's Steakhouse with my mom.But I wanted to go there anyways.I had never been to a fancy steakhouse before.I  thought I'd like the new salmon pizza and the blue cheese on steak,but I didn't.I also missed getting a piece of the steak's.But my mom got me their chicken finger's,witch was good.And also the cheesecake and the hot chocolate cake where delicious!I give***** star's for food.Well,got to go.Bye.

Photo courtesy of Dara Bunjon - Baltimore Dining Examiner


Maryland State Fair Photo

Oops! I forgot to include this picture with my review of the Maryland State Fair.This is me eating my pit beef sandwich.


Maryland State Fair

Last night I went to the Maryland State Fair with my mom,dad,brother,and sister.When we got in it smelled like cow p-o-o-p.PE YOU!!!!IT smelled stinky!But it only lasted a second.There was bad service there.We had arm strap's,and two ticket booth's didn't now what to do with them.But it was worth the wait.The food place was all like teenager style.Not for kid's 12/under.I give ***1/2 star's for kid friendly.Now for food.I had a pit beef sandwich,and I got to tell ya,it was GOOD!And the icee witch I had for a drink was good to.I give food **** star's.Well it's late.Bye


New Chick-fil-A

Wednesday my mom,dad,brother and sister went to the new Chick-fil-A in Hunt Valley.It just opened on August 12 and it's just like the one on Joppa Road near my house,only that it has free wi-fi,and a different play land.Chick-fil-A is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at.

It's time for kid friendly.As I said before,they have a play land,a kid's menu,they have a kid's toy,and they have a cow every once in a while.I give kid friendly ***** star's.

Now for food.I had my usual meal,a plain chicken sandwich.And it's GOOD.They also have delicious shakes and rich,creamy ice cream.It just makes my mouth water just thinking about it.I give****1/2 star's for food.Well,got to go.Bye.     

Chick-fil-A on Urbanspoon



On Monday I was with my grandma ,papap,and Owen.  We were trying to figure out what to do for dinner, and my grandma suggested Applebees on Joppa Rd.  It was A bar, but a family friendly bar.  When we came in, it wasn't that noisy, had television, and had a kid's menu.The waitress,named Chrisy,was very nice too. And it looked like some kid's where enjoying the wait.  I give ***** star's for kid friendly.  Now for food.  It was delicious!  I had chicken tenders again, but it tasted different!  And the dessert was fabulous!  My brother and I shared a triple chocolate meltdown.  It was a chocolate cake with white and dark chocolate with super hot fudge inside,wait a side of vanilla ice cream, and the finishing touch, a chocolaty pattern. I give ***** star's for food.  Well,got to go.  Bye.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon


Cool Progeny Guest Blogger Today

I was asked to write a guest restaurant review for the Cool Progeny parenting blog witch is on the website today.I wrote about my trip to Broom's Bloom in Bel Air.Here it is:

Adventures of a Koodie at Broom's Bloom Dairy

 Click here



CR Wings

Last night I went to C.R Wings.  When I came in,the atmosphere was really smokey and it was very noisy.  When we went past the kitchen to find seats,the atmosphere was really smokey,such as the air was thick.  But they had a kid's menu.  I give kid friendly 1 star.  Now for food.  I ordered chicken tender's with smile face fries.  But the problem is that they tasted the same.  I'm not saying they taste bad,it's just that I was looking for a different taste.  They had a lot of choices on the menu,it's just almost all of there dishes had chicken in them.  I know that they are known for their chicken, it's just that wouldn't you get tired of chicken?  I'm also not a very big buffalo wing fan ever.  I give food 0 star's.  My trip was a real bummer.  Well,got to go.Bye.

C.R. Wings on Urbanspoon



Yesterday, my mom took me and my brother Owen on a pirate ship with my grandma.As I was leaving the pirate ship,my mom and grandma decided to go to a place called Pitango.The place made jeloto from natural ingredients such as real coco bean and strawberry's from Pennsylvania.I wanted the spicy chocolate,but my mom wanted me to try it.And I got to tell you, it was SPICY!So then I had vanilla chocolate chip.I think I give it **** 1/2 stars.It was very creamy.

Pitango Gelato on Urbanspoon



My neighborhood had an end of the summer outdoor movie night on Saturday where they showed "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."They were supposed to have a cupcake contest too and I helped my mom make cupcakes for it.We were the only ones to bring cupcakes!They were really good.My dad also made the icing for the cupcakes.I thought that I would tell you the recipe so you can try to make them too.

Cupcakes (from the Food Network - recipe for Rose Petal Cupcakes)  


  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
(We didn't have unsalted butter, just salted, so my mom used that and didn't use the 1/4 teaspoon of salt)


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together in a small bowl and set aside.
  •  In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar until they're a pale yellow. Add the flour mixture and beat until smooth.
  •  Next, measure the milk, and put it in the microwave set on high for 2 minutes.
  • Then add the milk to the batter in a slow stream, beating until well combined. In the same measuring cup, melt the butter in the microwave. Add the melted butter to the batter along with the vanilla. Beat until well combined.
  •  Spray the muffin tin with pan release (or use cupcake papers) and fill the compartments 3/4 of the way. Bake the cupcakes until the tops are golden and the cupcakes spring back to the touch, about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool.


Holy Frijoles for Lunch

Today I went to a taco place with my dad, Owen and Olivia for lunch when we were in the city.It was called Holy Frijoles.Anyway's, when I got in there flies were everywhere.Gross!Plus the food took forever!I'd give it only 1/2 * for kid freindly.They didn't have a kids menu either.Now for food, I ordered a soft taco with sour cream and no lettuce and guess what.It had lettuce!I had to take all of it off and that took me forever.But the rest was pretty good.I'd give * for food.Well that's all, bye!

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Baltimore Dining Examiner

Check out today's Baltimore Dining Examiner.I am famous!

New food blogger competition: 9 year old Eli’s Adventures of a Koodie
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IKEA Restaurant

Last night I went to Ikea and I had the Swedish meatballs.  I've been there before, it's just my mom wanted to go there. First I'd say it's kid friendly menu is ***.  There is a play area for little kids. Right now kids eat free, but there is no toy included with the kid's meal. You also get to have 3 choices, main course, side and a drink. But I had 2 main courses and a drink because my little sister LOVES the mac and cheese, but doesn't eat Swedish meatballs. Well gota go. Bye.

Ikea on Urbanspoon


Donuts from Donut Shack Ritchie Highway

Hey everybody! Nice to see you again. My dad stopped and got a half dozen donuts from the Donut Shack on Ritchie Highway on his way home from work Saturday night.  Today I split a chocolate creme donut with my brother Owen.  It tasted really good. The icing was delicous and the donut was exelent.  I'd give it **** stars it was the best chocolate creme donut I ever had.

Donut Shack on Urbanspoon


Red Robin

Hey,guess what.I went to Red Robin's.And I got A idea!It's called A Taco Burger.How does it sound?But wait.There's more.It's made out of stuff such as taco meat and tortilla's!I bet I'll win the grand prize for sure!Any ways I was going to tell you how the food was and if kid's would like it or not.It would be good for kid's ages 4-12.Kid's ages 4-6 would love the fun activities they have for them like the coloring menu and the kids ages 7-12 would like the video games and watching TV.Plus there's balloons for all children.So I give Red Robin *** 1/2 stars.Now for the food.I love the Rad Robin burger but I don't like the seeds on the bun.Some of the other kids menu items are pretty good except the macaroni.They are corn dog, spaghetti, pizza, chicken fingers, chicken on a stick, grilled cheese sandwich, and quesadilla.I give **** stars for food.Well, gotta go.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

Red Robin Kids' Cook-Off

Red Robin Kids' Cook-Off

I'm going to Red Robin tonight.I here they have this cool thing called Red Robin kid's cook-off witch started on August 3, 2010 and ends on September 12, 2010.And I may be entering!Kids 6-12 can create their own burger recipe for a chance to have their burger served at Red Robin restaurants and also in the 2011 Red Robin Kids Kick-off Cookbook.I'm also going to go with some friend's tonight.Well,I should go.I smell tuna,and you know what that means.NOSE PLUG'S EVERYONE!Well,bye.


An Intro

Welcome to my blog.I want to be a food critic when I grow up so that's why I created this blog.So I'll tell you about myself .First,my favorite food is cheese pizza and my favorite restaurant is Mama Lucia's.But I also like other places too.Like Chickfila and Cracker Barrel.Well,dinner's going to be ready soon.So,bye for now!