Hinkle's Pharmacy

I went to a place called Hinkle's Pharmacy, which isn't only a pharmacy, it's also a restaurant. We went there because after visiting The Turkey Hill Experience because it was close by.

When I came in, I saw a old fashioned diner and a pharmacy mixed together. It had old fashioned stools, and booths! The pharmacy looked like a regular pharmacy, except it had a restaurant connected to it.

On the menu, there was a double hamburger, sirloin steak, chicken strips, and spaghetti with meatballs. There was also a breakfast menu, which contained french toast, Belgian waffles, and pancakes. They even had a kid's menu, which contained The Little Colonel (2 Chicken Fingers, French Fries and Small Beverage), The Little Poker (Hot Dog, French Fries and Small Beverage), and The Little Mario (Pita Pizza and Small Beverage). I had a Little Indian, which was a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of soup, and dessert. I had clam chowder for my soup, and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

While we waited, I talked with my family and ate my soup, which came earlier than the rest of my meal. There wasn't much to do there, and it took a little while for our food to come.

My food was delicious! The soup was good, but wasn't very salty at all. My grilled cheese was cheesy, but wasn't much of anything else. My ice cream, though, was creamy, chocolaty, and smooth. This was because it came from the Turkey Hill factory, which wasn't very far away.

I give *** stars for food and *** 1/2 stars for kid friendly. The reason why I gave such a low rating for kid friendliness is because that there wasn't much stuff to do there. My advice would to add more stuff for kids to do there, like a coloring page or Television for entertainment.

I would like to come back so that I could try their breakfast, though. Well, that's all. Bye!

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The Turkey Hill Experience

I went to a place called The Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, Pennsylvania. The Turkey Hill Experience isn't the factory where they make ice cream and iced tea, it's just a fun place to find out the history of Turkey Hill and how they make their products.

When I came in, I realized that all of the exhibits were on the top floor, except the check in and the gift shop. While we waited for my other family members to get there, we read about Turkey Hill's history. There was a small TV where it explained how Turkey Hill came to be and the different types of dairy cows they use. They even had a cow statue with a farm painted on it!

When we got in the child part of the building, I thought I was seeing things! It looked like I had gone back in time to when they still delivered milk in dairy trucks! There were cows you could "milk," a fake dairy truck that you could get into, and some history about the amount of dairy shipped during the years. There were different sections: the beginning, the center, make your own commercial, make your own ice cream, make your own package, and how they make their tea.

You could get as many free ice cream and tea samples as you wanted. Some of the ice cream flavors were mint chocolate chip, rainbow swirl, and chocolate. Some of the tea flavors were Unsweetened, Sweetened, and Raspberry. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream and peach tea, while my brother, Owen, had rainbow swirl ice cream and raspberry tea. My ice cream was awesome! It was creamy, minty, and chocolaty. The tea was fantastic! It tasted fresh, and had a great peach taste. I didn't know you could get more than one sample, so that's the reason why I only got one of each.

My brother also agrees with me on the taste of the ice cream and iced tea. He quotes "The ice cream was really good! It had a lot of flavors! It had so many flavors that I didn't know what they were!" He also liked the tea. He quotes "It was really, really good! I think I tasted raspberry, and it was really refreshing."

I also made my own ice cream flavor, packaging for my ice cream, and my own commercial for my ice cream in its package. The ice cream name was called "Super Nutty Mint." It contained chocolate mix, mint flavoring, fudge swirl, chocolate chips, and coconut chips. Here is a link to what it looked like, and my commercial:  My Turkey Hill Experience

I give ***** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendly. This place was awesome! I would definitely come back here again! Well, that's all. Bye!