The Dutch Oven

I went to a new all you can eat pizza salad and soup buffet in Pennsylvania called The Dutch Oven. I decided to go there, since it was built on a previous restaurant that I also reviewed, Max's Dog House. Also, it was right next door to my grandma's bike shop.

When I got there, I saw a little buffet with gray paint. There were booths and a small, indoor balcony, a brick wall separating the kitchen and the bathroom, and 2 different TVs. There was not a lot of people there, but it seemed like the kitchen was busy.

At The Dutch Oven, they serve three things: salad, soup, and pizza. But there were a variety of soups,  pizzas, and different types of salad items. There were pizzas like meat lover, pepperoni, and cheese, soup like Chicken noodle and tomato, and lots of salad ingredients, like carrots, tomatoes, and salad dressing. I got two slices of pizza, one with bacon and one cheese pizza.

They were delicious! The cheese was cheesy, the tomato sauce tasted fresh, it was cooked at the perfect temperature, and the bacon on the bacon pizza was juicy and crunchy.

I give ***** stars for food and *** stars for kid friendly. The reason why I give only 3 stars for kid friendliness is because that even though the had 2 TVs, they were both on The Weather Channel, which isn't very entertaining to kids, and they didn't have any other activities for kids, but they had pizza, which almost everyone likes, and if you were allergic, you could choose from salad or soup.

I really hope I go again soon! I loved their pizza, and I hope next time I come there will be Broccoli and Cheese soup. Well, that's all. Bye!