Morton's The Steakhouse

A few weeks ago some news people came to see me.My mom said the plan was to go to Morton's after they did some filming at my house.My mom drove me and a camera person to Morton's and she was even interviewing me in the car!When we got to Morton's they had me get out of the car and in the car a couple of times and they did a video of me walking in the restaurant and greeting the manager.Morton's is a fancy restaurant because people wear bow ties and fancy chef hats.Then the manager walked us to our table.We sat down at our table and the manager asked if I wanted a dark napkin and I though he said nebulla.I didn't know what that was!But he brought me a black napkin anyway and he also got me a water and a coke.The waiter came over and introduced us to the menu.The news people had me stand beside the lobster.I stood there for a few minutes staring at it and then I realized it was alive!I whispered to my mom"Mommy,the lobster is alive!".After that we ordered our food.I asked for a kid friendly menu and there were cheeseburgers, chicken fingers but they had a different name, and some other foods.I got a cheeseburger and said I wanted American cheese and bacon since you can ask for anything you want and it came with french fries.While we were waiting for our food some waiters would come over to our table and refill our drinks.Then our food came.The burger was humongous!Since the burger was hot I ate the french fries first(I think I kind of over did it with the french french fries).Since the burger was so big my mom cut into pieces for me.It tasted delicious.The meat was juicy, the cheese was gooey and the bacon was crunchy.But I couldn't finish it because it was so big and my mom wanted me to save room for dessert.Before the dessert came out I got to meet the chef and he was very nice.Then the dessert came out and when I say humongous,I say HUMUNGOUS!I got the Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae.It was so big that my mom said that we could share it.For all you sweet tooth fans you would love this!All the top was whipped cream and most of the bottom was hot fudge.I barely got any ice cream!Since the cheeseburger was so big this didn't really help me either.I barely had eaten any when I got full.Since we couldn't package it they would have to throw it away.I give ***** stars for food and *1/2stars for kid friendly.I was going to give kid friendly ** stars but when I got home I felt sick from eating too much.If you want to have your child go out to Morton's make sure his stomach is completely empty so he can eat every bite of his food.And make sure that he doesn't eat all of the humongous Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae they don't get a humongous stomach ache!Well,that's all.Bye!

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  1. Dude, you are a fantastic blogger! I love how you share details like having your mom cut up your burger. I get a kick out of reading your blog every time.

  2. asad123,

    I'm glad you liked it!

  3. Hi Eli! I actually went to Morton's Steakhouse for my mom's birthday a few years ago! I agree...the food IS humongous, but still very delicious! :)

    Sounds like you had a fun time!

    I really like your blog! :) Keep it up!


  4. Dear Ryan,

    I'm glad you liked the blog!Hope the birthday turned out great,too!

  5. Hi Ryan,

    We have a Morton's Steakhouse in Singapore too! I agree the servings are huge, even for me. LOL.

    Love ur blog! Looking forward to more reviews. ^^

    I am planning to visit America in the future.

  6. Dividends Warrior,

    I had no idea!And keep living the dream!I'm about to do a post,so keep checking in!

  7. I like your blog, Ryan! Those restaurants who put too much food in their customer's plate do not encourage healthy eating. They should lose points because of it. Glad you noticed it. I see that you are a slender kid and I congratulate you for it. Il means that you respect your appetite (generally, not this time, héhé!). Please excuse me if my English is not perfect, it is a second language for me, I am from Québec (French part of Canada).

  8. I have met some people before who often walk around the city to have some quality steakhouse food, So for me quantity of food does not matters. I think restaurant should focus on their quality of food with average quantity.

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