Samos Greek Island Grill

I went to the new Samos Greek Island Grill in Canton, Maryland. It opened in October and is the second Samos restaurant in Baltimore. My mom wanted to try it because they have Greek food and we were hoping to be able to watch some of the Olympics there.

It's located in a shopping center near a Target, a Red Robin and close to other stores and restaurants. When I first got there, it reminded of Pei Wei, Z-Burger, Gino's, and other fast casual restaurants.

They had lots of items on the menu. They had Hummus and other Greek Spreads, Salads like Greek Salad and Neptune Salad, Soups, Small Plates like Grilled Octopus, Skewers and Pita Wraps like Sliced Gyro and Grilled Shrimp, and Platters, and . They also had a Kid's Menu with Pitadogs, which is a hotdog wrapped in pita, Chicken Nuggets, and Souvlaki Skewers, with a choice of lamb, cow, pig, or chicken. I had a Pita Pizza since I love pizza.

We didn't have much to do while we waited. There were no TVs and nothing for kids to do while they waited. So, I decided to look at the menu again. I realized that some of the items seemed expensive. For example, Chicken Nuggets were $5.25, and it didn't come with a drink. Also, a kid's Souvlaki Skewer was more expensive then an adult one because it came with rice.

I thought the Pita Pizza was delicious! It was made from real tomatoes, and the pita bread went great together with the gooey cheese. I also tried some of my mom's fries with feta, lemon, and oregano. They were fantastic! The lemon made the fries have a sour punch, and the crumbly feta gave it a crumbly texture.

I give *** stars for food and ** 1/2 stars for kid friendly. I gave 3 stars for food because even though my sister and I liked the pizza, my brother didn't. Also, the reason why I gave 2 1/2 stars for kid friendly is because there was nothing to do while the food was being prepared and the food was expensive, especially since it did not come with a drink.

I recommend this for people who like to eat grilled foods and I think those who live near there should go. I would only come back to try their Souvlaki Skewers and for their Greek Fries. Well, that's all. Bye!

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