Nominated For Baltimore Sun Contest

Guess what!I just found out that my blog got nominated as an outstanding food blog for a Baltimore Sun contest - The Mobbies!I know that you want to be on my side,so vote for me!But you can't vote in till November 2 and voting end's on November 12,my mom's b-day(b-day=birthday).So send those votes!



I am sorry that I have been posting  but 4th grade is a lot of work.

On Sunday I went to Z'Burger for dinner.It was just like a Five Guy's,only that they had better food and even kid's meals.Witch reminds me, the food was Great!I got a kid's meal with a cheese burger with bacon and it was great!I didn't even mind the sesame seeds!(witch I usually hate.)It came with french fries and they were good but they were not as greasy as I like them.They also have 75 milkshakes,but that's for another time.I was way too full for a milkshake.I give ***** stars for food.Now for kid friendly.They had these tray car's witch came with every kid's menu.They also had some milkshakes like banana oreo or marshmallow that I think kids would like.I give kid friendly ***** stars.I think that I like Z'Burger more than Five Guys.Well,that's all.Hope you like my post!