The Maryland State Fair 2011

I went to the Maryland State Fair with my grandma, papap, mommy, daddy, brother Owen, and sister Olivia. I know I've done a review of this before, though it is about a complaint, which comes in a little later.

When I got to the food stop, I decided to try some lamb. This is the first time I had lamb. They had lamb wraps and a lamb sandwich. I got a BBQ lamb sandwich, since I love BBQ, and one time I went to the State Fair and decided to get my sandwich without BBQ sauce and it tasted too dry. It was delicious! It was juicy and had a big BBQ flavor, though it was so big that I didn't taste any of the lamb. Luckily my papap got a lamb sandwich and said I could try a piece of his. It did taste like chicken, though it was too dry.

Then later for dessert, I got some ice cream. The lady which sold the tickets said a baby cone was about 2 or 3 inches, though my dad and papap said it would have a big amount of ice cream on top, though when I got it, it had two melon ball scoops. I had gotten the flavor of the day, which was Brooms Bloom dirt, but it just tasted like chocolate ice cream, when I thought it was going to have chocolate and brownie chunks in it. And they where selling them at $2.00! My grandma said that she got half a gallon of ice cream at the grocery store for the same price! I give *** stars for food and *** stars for kid friendly.

Here is my thoughts. They should rename the cone sizes. The smallest size should be diet, medium should be kids size, large should me medium, and they should make a large. And they need to change the prices. It should go up one dollar each, so diet should be $1.00, kids size should be two dollars, medium should be three dollars, and $4.00 for large. Well, that's all. Bye!