Noodles & Company and a Milkshake

Guess what.I got the Z,Burger milkshake!But before I get started on that,I need to get started on this.On Tuesday I went to Noodles&Company.I got some macaroni and cheese.Boy was it good!It was so cheesy,I thought I was in a cheese wonderland!The noodles didn't taste like anything,witch I'll have to take a point or two off.I'll give ****1/2 stars for food.The kid friendly was AWFUL!There was no kid's meal,barely any kid friendly foods,not even a play room(witch would've helped )!I give ** stars for kid friendly.Now,drum roll please,my interview for Z,Burger's milkshake!It was absolutely fabulous,delicious,and much more great words!I had the special milkshake,or milkshake of the day,witch was mix any two milkshakes.I had mud pie mixed with caramel.It was awesome!It had rough chocolate pieces and a smooth caramel taste.As I always say,rough and smooth make the cake!I give it ***** stars.Well,that's all.Have a happy Thanksgiving!   

Noodles & Company

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