Bobby's Burger Palace

I went to a place called Bobby's Burger Palace In New Jersey. It was special because there was only 2 in New Jersey and 6 in the United States. I was lucky to go there because I was on a vacation with my Cousin Renee.

When I got there, there was a huge menu which had items on it like Miami Burger, Santa Fe Burger, and Napa Valley Burger. Though there was only one choice on the kids menu, and that was the Kids BBP Burger Deal. Though you could get grilled cheese if you asked. There was also some kind of burger which you could get potato chips on it. I got the Kids BBP Burger Deal. When the food came, they got my mom's and cousin's food mixed up. And they made the onion rings and fries a little bit dark. The burger was huge, though the cheese wasn't very gooey and at one point of the burger it tasted like ham. Though it was tender.

Things could have gone better if Bobby Flay was there. But he has too many restaurants to go to.

I give *** stars for kid friendliness and *** stars for food. Well, that's all. Bye! 

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  1. You are adorable! It is so nice to see kids enjoying food! Bobby's Burger Palace is great! The burger with chips is "cruncified"!
    It definitely would be better if he was there though.

  2. Justine,

    Thanks for the compliment!