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I went to a place called Egyptian Pizza Cafe in Belvedere Square for dinner on Saturday night. When I got there, I saw that it was small and crowded, but the decoration was very unique! It made you feel like you were in a actual Egyptian temple! Though I wasn't going to stay because we had it ordered from home and went to pick it up.

When I had looked at the menu, they had soups like Seafood Chowder, salads like Cleopatra's Dream, and sandwiches like the B.B.Q. chicken. They also had a lot of pizza choices, like the Manhattan cheese pizza, the California vegetarian, and the Al Pacino seafood. They also had a kids menu, which consisted of items like a Small Cheese Pizza, Linguini, and Chicken Fingers.

I had a small 8th Wonder, a meat pizza, which consisted of mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, marinated potatoes, pesto sauce, goat cheese, and roasted red pepper and my mom and dad both shared a Indian Pizza with Pita Bread and Baba Ganush.

As I was in the restaurant, I saw that the waitress accidentally got a man's order wrong. When we got home with the food, it was cold from the long drive home. After my mom heated it up, I had my first bite. It was delicious! Some people would maybe think it would be horrible because of having potatoes on a pizza, but it was actually pretty good . The peppers gave off a sweet taste, the chicken was juicy, and the goat cheese was creamy. I also tried some Baba Ganush and Pita Bread, and it wasn't that bad.

I give **** stars for food and **** stars for kid-friendly because they had a kid's menu with a few choices. The small was big enough that I had leftover pizza for lunch. I would recommend coming here, but if you want it to be a very nice trip, I would come on a not so crowded day and make sure you say your order clearly so that they don't get it wrong. Well, that's all. Bye!  

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