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I was invited to a place called Gordon Biersch in Baltimore for a special event. The event was an opening preview in that they were trying to see how people would like their food and how they could change the way they cooked things before they opened.

When I got there, they were very busy, but we had already reserved our seats, so we didn't need to wait too long. When I got seated, I saw that they had lots of TV's all over the place. I saw on their menu they had items like New York Strip & Grilled Shrimp, Steak Frites, and Beer Battered Fish & Chips. They also had a kid's menu, which had Macaroni & Cheese, Pizza, and Pasta.

They didn't have everything on their menu for the event but I got BBQ Chicken Pizza from the regular menu, my brother got the Cheese Pizza from the kid's menu, and my sister got the Macaroni & Cheese from the kid's menu. While we waited, we got some Garlic Fries, which were a twist on Garlic Bread, my mom and dad got to try some of their home made beers, and my sister, brother, and I got homemade root beer. The root beer tasted out of this world!

My BBQ Chicken Pizza wasn't actually as good as I thought it would be. It had so much BBQ sauce, it was actually pretty spicy. Though my brother thought differently. Owen quotes" my Pizza was really good." And for dessert, everyone got a brownie sundae to split.

I give them **** stars for kid friendliness and *** stars for food. I really hope to come here again, since this wasn't their complete menu.

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