Cici's Pizza

On Sunday I went to Cici's Pizza-Rea.I see the commercials on TV all the time.It  was awesome!You could choose your pizza without the wait!There's even a small arcade for the kids!I had 2 slices of cheese pizza,two cheese sticks,the new dessert pizza,and cinnamon  rolls.It was delicious!My favorite food was the dessert pizza.It had icing and delicious Bavarian cream.They also had brownies as well.And a movie on.I give ***** stars for food and***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye! 


  1. Cici's is very good. I love the fact that you can custom order any style pizza you want. The pizza is good also, not some crummy nasty sruff

  2. dannyray1987,

    I like it to!What is the crummy,nasty stuff?