Pizza John's

Last night I went to Pizza John's at 113 River Neck Road Essex MD,21221.The night I went was busy!There wasn't a line(because the place was so huge!),but lot's of people where there.I had a bacon pizza and a coke.They also have pineapple,pepperoncini,mushrooms,and vegetarian.They also had beverages such as sierra mist,pink lemonade,and root beer.They had lots of desserts(and when I mean desserts I mean cheesecake!)such as homemade cannoli,black bottom cupcake,and milkshake.Though there are poor choices on the kid's menu.That is because macaroni and cheese is the only choice.Though they do have a lot of subs.I give ****1/2 stars for food and * star for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!  

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  1. Eli had Pepsi...Pizza John's has Pepsi products.

  2. Unique point of view. Of the hundreds of times I have been there, I have never noticed that there was a kids menu.

  3. Chim Chiminey,

    I'm glad I helped you notice!

  4. Hi Eli..
    Its so nice to see your unique point of view..
    you are doing a great help for all parents too..
    Take care

    -Rachana Saurabh

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  6. Rachana Saurabh

    I'm glad I'm helping!

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    Thanks for the advise!