California Pizza Kitchen

I went to California Pizza Kitchen in Hunt Valley because I had a coupon for a free kid's meal for my birthday.When we came in,it was very crowded,and the hostess said it would be 20 minutes in till there would be a open table.While we waited,we looked at the menu outside,but it was sinking in the case,so we couldn't see all of the kid's menu.Then we waited inside some more in till our table was called.When we were seated they gave me a kid's menu,wrote down what we wanted to drink,and left.When I saw the menu,there where Pizzas like Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage,Chicken like Crispy Chicken,Pasta and Salad like Buttered Fusilli and CPK salad,and Desserts like Fresh Fruit and ice cream.There were plenty of activity's on the kid's menu.When I got my food,I stared at the mouth watering Original BBQ Chicken pizza.It tasted better then it looked!My favorite part of it was the BBQ sauce.It went great with the pizza!When I was done the waitress asked what I wanted for dessert and I said I wanted the M&M's Sundae.When I got it,it was like a miniature version of the Morton's Legendary Hot Fudge Sundae,only with M&M's.It was delicious!When I was done,I was stuffed and happy.I give ***** star's for food and **** star's for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

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  1. Hey, i'm Franch but i live in Lithuania. I just saw an article in the online version of a news paper. Keep on moving forward little man ;)
    Great job !!!

    Cedric, alias Sedrikas

  2. This is really cool! I'm 11 years old and I live in Australia and I have no idea about any of the restaurants you take about but they sound cool!

    I read about you on this online newspaper (here's the link to your article http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-and-bars/adventures-of-a-koodie-mini-food-critic-causes-a-stir-20110617-1g742.html) and you've inspired me to create my own food blog!

    Stay tuned for Mini M's Food Blog :)

  3. Congratulations with your new big fame.

    I am only one year older than you.
    I'd like to share with you what I have been interested in: The Study of Nutrition and well-being.

    I have some friends, some local, some foreign, with health concerns when choosing food and lifestyle.

    What I choose to do is to study my interest, and so when we meet together, I can help them choosing a better diet, with their food preferences, so that their food helps to make their health in a more positive way, not just caring on the flavor alone.

    I would like to encourage you to keep writing, and influence more people, children and adults, with balanced diet, healthy attitudes towards food and living, exercising, for a better lifestyle and a healthier body.

    My mom works 7 hours a day, which is shorter than some other working moms in our country.

    I am very thankful that mom has been cooking for us 4~5 days a week, and mom has a magical way to cook once in the night, and manage 3 meals prepared (the other two meals in fridge, and for breakfast, there is a way to prepare before sleeping, then there are machines that they will cook one hour before we wake up automatically), and I am still trying to learn the secrets and magic she can do to entertain us on food.

    And for the other 2~3 days of the week, Dad sometimes would call us to put in practice to what I have learned in Nutrition and related food hygiene concepts I learned in previous week.

    I wish your gourmet experience can also lead you to a healthier eating & growing experience, I like your generosity to share with us your findings.

    Many of the food you are eating are mostly limited by my parents nutrition viewpoints. I envy you!

    I wish you a nice growth, and also your blog.

    Two advice on spacing:
    1. Maybe after every sentence, it would be good to add one space, so the sentence do not connect the previous one immediately.
    2. Maybe if you want, you may feel like to separate every article into several paragraphs, it can build clearer reading, to your already wonderful reports.

    I congratulate you on your achievements and looking forward to more of your developments, with your wonderful site & blogging!
    Way to go!

    Vita, one of your new fans from KaoHsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China.

    (As English is not my mother tongue,
    Please forgive if I have made funny expressions or weird structures of sentences.)

  4. Vita,

    This is Elijah's dad, Jason. Thank you so much for commenting and I am sure Eli will follow up with a comment of his own. I am a stay at home dad, and I cook homemade, healthy, nutritious food for Eli (and his brother, and sister and mother) all the nights that we do not eat at restaurants. My motto is "Almost nothing out of a box or can". I love to cook, and I love to visit the market to find fresh ingredients, I'd like to think that some of my food knowledge has rubbed off on Eli. He has his own opinions, likes, and dislikes like all children. His blog is a place for him to express them.

    I want to commend you on your mastery of English, and tell you that you write very well. Not "very well" for English not being your mother tongue, but VERY WELL period. We have been encouraging Eli to use better grammar and paragraph structure, and he has certainly progressed from where he started writing the blog. His mother and I do very little editing of his posts, they are his thoughts and his words. I hope he takes your comments to heart and realizes that he can communicate more effectively by using good grammar and writing craft.

    I wish you luck in your continued studies of nutrition, cooking, and English and commend you on your accomplishments so far.

    Way to go!


  5. Cedric Henriot,

    I'm really glad you liked it!


    Well maybe one day when you're older you can come to America and go to the restaurants that I blog about!


    I am also impressed of how you can type in English!You shall see in my next post,Phillips Seafood,that I write in paragraphs and put spaces after sentences.And you didn't make any mistakes.You write just like people in America!

  6. Hi Eli, you're making a lot of success here in Brazil! Congratulations!

  7. Yahh, I'm from Brazil! lol!
    I taked a look at ur blog, this is very cool, but I have a ask to you...Do you eat some healthy food?? Like fruits and vegetables? They are delicious too! And you can help kids to find this wonderful kind of food!
    Congratulations for ur job!

  8. Hi Eli,

    You sure enjoyed your meal at the restaurant. ^^

    I love pizzas too and I love sharing it with my family and friends. That's what made eating pizzas fun. Don't you agree?

  9. If you visit to Thailand you will like thier retaurant