New The Greene Turtle

A few weeks ago I went to the Green Turtle in Hunt Valley.The restaurant had just opened.When we got to it,it had a television outside showing a baseball game.When I got inside,it was like TV heaven!Everywhere I looked,there where TV's!When we got seated there was a tiny TV on the right of us and the controls on my side.I changed it to nickelodeon.A little while later they gave us the kid's menu.It had fun activity's on it for children.They had food like Turtle Tenders and Cheese Pizza.I had the Two Mini Cheeseburgers.When they got them,I realized they had pickles.Since I hate pickles,my mom took them off.Then I started to eat.It was delicious!The only problem was that there was no juiciness to the meat and no gooeness to the cheese(I made up gooeness.If you know how to spell it,say it in a comment).For this,I give *** stars for food and ***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

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  1. Koodie,
    This is the best that I could find.


  2. Dear Gorelick,

    Why wouldn't I?