German TV and The Steakhouse

A few weeks ago, I went to a place called The Steakhouse because there were some people from a German TV news show interviewing me. When I first got there, it kind of looked like a mini Morton's, only they had TVs. I also saw a light, though I couldn't make out what it was until I got seated. It was a arcade that I had seen! Though I tried to calm myself because I was on a hidden camera.

We took our seat and looked at the menu. There were lots of choices like fish & chips(served for lunch from 11:30 till 3pm), Steak Chesapeake, grilled salmon, and old fashioned cheeseburger as a main course and Crab dip,peel and eat shrimp,and finger lickin' wings as a appetizer. They also had a kids menu with normal choices like chicken fingers, grilled cheese, and hot dog. I got the sirloin tips with a side of Kraft macaroni & cheese and we got the BBQ chicken potato skins as a appetizer to share. 

While I waited, my dad got a prize card from one of the staff and we played a racing game. When it was over the bread had already came. It was chewy and moist and, with the butter, sweet. Then followed the BBQ chicken potato skins. They were salty, juicy, and the BBQ sauce on it gave a huge punch. 

Then the food came. While the macaroni and cheese was good since it was Kraft, the sirloin tips were awesome! They were juicy and very tender(though I made the foolish mistake of putting each one in my mouth whole). After that we went back to the arcade to get more tickets. Only then did I realize that the arcade was for kids and teenagers. There where games from the claw to a freaky zombie game(I can't remember the name). In the end I had gotten approximately 115 tickets, though since there was no one behind the prize counter, we decided to save up our card for the next time we came(my brother was not happy). I give ***** stars for kid friendliness and **** stars for food. Well, that's all. Bye!   

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