World Of Crepes Cafe

I went to a crepe place for dinner. It was called "World Of Crepes Cafe" in Towson. Before going, me and my family checked out the menu on the computer. There were choices like roasted pepper crepe(on the meal crepe menu) and marshmallow explosion(on the dessert crepe menu).

Then me, my brother, Owen, and my dad all went out to pick-up our order and bring it home. I had gotten a pizza crepe, Owen a four cheese, mommy had a tomato and cheese(she shared it with my sister,Olivia), and my dad had a egg, bacon & cheese. My crepe was delicious! It was cheesy and the cheese was gooey. It tasted like pizza! The only complaint was that there was goat cheese in it and I didn't think that should be on pizza. I give it ***1/2 stars for food. For kid friendliness, I give it *** because it was a cafe and there weren't many places to sit.Well, that's all. Bye!

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  1. Hi Eli!
    Whoa, I love crepes! And your blog is really cool. Check out mine and please follow if you find it intersting.

  2. I love crepes! Thank you for the restaurant suggestion. I will check it out next time I'm in Towson!