Lenny's Deli

I went to Lenny's Deli at Owings Mills for dinner one night with my mom, Owen, and Olivia. When we got there, it was very near to another place I've reviewed, Sofi's Crepes. When I got there, it looked like it was very plain on decoration, but they did have a TV for entertainment.

When I sat at my seat, I looked up at the big menu board they have. It had things on it like the Egg Special for breakfast since they serve breakfast all day, the Turkey Breast Sandwich, and the Chicken BBQ. They also had a Kid's Menu, which consisted of items like the Grilled Cheese and Hot Dog. I was going to get the Pancake Special, but my mom insisted on me getting there Corned Beef Sandwich, since they're famous for their Corned Beef. I also had some American Cheese on it, too. My brother got the Hot Dog, my sister the Grilled Cheese, and my Mom the Potato Latkes.

It took a really long time for our food to come out, and I was starved when it got there. But, my Corned Beef was delicious! It tasted like what my dad makes, which is also delicious.(You can find out more about how my dad's cooking in my Chicken Corn Quesadilla With Cumin Cream post) After I ate, we looked at the pastries they had. If I would've gotten dessert there, I would ever have their cookies or the Frozen Yogurt. I give *** stars for kid friendly and **** stars for food. Well, that's all. Bye!

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