Ann's Dari-Creme

On May 6,I went to Ann's Dari-Creme on our way back from the airport in Maryland,Baltimore.The place is small,and you can't really eat inside.Though there where picnic table's outside.I had a cheese steak sandwich with a chocolate-cherry milkshake.It was delicious!The cheese was gooey,the steak was juicy,and the milkshake was a mixed delight!There was no kid's menu,and the only kid friendly food was hot dog's!They also had subs and sandwiches like hamburger, cheeseburger and steak, french fries and ice cream.They even have a double dog which is two footlong hot dog's on a roll.I give *** 1/2 stars for kid friendly and **** stars for food.Well,that's all.Bye!   

Here's a picture my dad took of the restaurant.

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