The Bel-loc Diner

On Friday I went to to the Bel-loc Diner with my dad,my brother,Owen,and my sister Olivia.When we got there,there was a waitress who greeted us.When we where seated,she gave us our menu and left.There was a kids menu,but my dad told me it was for kids under 10,and I'm now ten years old.So I had chocolate chip hot cakes off of the adult menu with bacon and chocolate milk.While I was waiting,we played some songs on the jukebox.Then the food came.My hot cakes where delicious,a chocolaty delight!There was so much of it,I had to put it in a box!I give ***** stars for kid friendly and ***** stars for food.Well,that's all.Bye!  

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  1. Hi Eli,

    I'm from Brazil and found out your blog from a newspaper story.

    Here is the link : http://glo.bo/lsjBcK

    And I have a suggestion for you, "Rainforest Cafe" is the best restaurant ever!!! You should go!! ! think you'll give them ***** stars!!


  2. Sarah K

    We used to have a Rain Forest Cafe,but they closed it and now there isn't any around anymore where I live.