Breakfeast At Chef Mickeys At Disneys Contemporary Resort

On May 2 I went to Chef Mickeys.It was at  Disneys Contemporary Resort,in Orlando,Florida.I was in Florida because my dad had to shoot a wedding there.Anyways,we had made a reservation there,but it was still crowded.So we went to a near by arcade.After a little while,our table was ready.We sat down and went to the buffet.I got a Mickey waffle,a pancake,french toast casserole,bacon,a cinnamon bun,and a bagel.But here's what I didn't now.They brought out birthday cupcakes for Owen and me!It had a little chocolate Mickey on it which I ate in one bite.After we blew out the candles,Mickey,Minnie,Donald,Goofy,and Pluto came out to great us.We where so exited!Everyone of the Disney characters came over to get there picture taken with us.And my little sister cried for all of them,especially for Donald.Anyways,back to the interview.It was delicious!I ate every bite of it(well,I would've if hadn't become full!)!I give ***** stars for food and definitely ***** stars for kid friendly.Well,that's all.Bye!

The arcade at the Contemporary

My sister did NOT like donald!



  1. You need to change your heading ..you are no longer nine years old...you are 10 and that makes you an old man!.... happy birthday Eli....

    Dining Dish

  2. This is so cute and cool! I will definitely keep up with your blog!

  3. That place looks fun where is it

  4. Came here via Tyler Cowan's Marginal Revolution blog (the fact that he recommended you should mean a lot). Pretty interesting. Keep it up.

  5. dinning dish,

    Already done!

    by The Small Sforzando,

    I'm glad you like it!

    E and T,

    It's in Walt Disney World in Orlando,Florida.


    I'll try!