Corner Bakery Cafe and Thanks

I went to a place called the Corner Bakery Cafe, which is new, for my sister's, Olivia, birthday.

When I first saw it outside, I saw they had a place were you could sit outside. And when I saw it from inside, I also saw they had some pretty cool pictures on the walls. I also saw they also had a display case with a lot of their bakery items, like Cheese Cake Brownies, Monster Cookies, and Whoopie Pies.

When we got seated and looked at the menu, I saw they also had lots of items, like a Club Panini on Sourdough, Moms Sandwich Combo, The Trio Salad, and Farmer's Scrambler, which is one of the items you can get on the breakfast menu. They also had a kids menu, which had items like PB&J, Kid's Ravioli, and the Kids Combo. I got Broccoli and Cheese Soup in a large bread bowl with some Italian Bread.

I did the activity's on the kids menu while we waited, and our food came closely after I was done with it. My soup and bread were delicious! The soup was cheesy, it was at the right temperature, and the bread was very easy to pull apart. After I ate the soup and almost all the bread and bread bowl, I decided to get a brownie. It was amazing! It was very chocolaty, moist, and very, very, sugary.

I give ***** stars for kid friendliness and ***** stars for food. Also, I heard that they have a thing from September 1-23 where if you donate a dollar for the No Kid Hungry Campaign, you can get a free Whoopie Pie or Cookie for your next visit, and if you give a five dollar donation, then you could get a book of coupons.

I also want to thank you for seeing, following, and commenting on Adventures Of A Koodie. Thanks to your participation, I now have over 100,000 page views(and counting) and 200 followers. Once again, thank you for your participation, and I will keep reviewing so you can get up to date on new and old, fancy and common, dirty or clean restaurants. Well, that's all. Bye!    

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