An Intro

Welcome to my blog.I want to be a food critic when I grow up so that's why I created this blog.So I'll tell you about myself .First,my favorite food is cheese pizza and my favorite restaurant is Mama Lucia's.But I also like other places too.Like Chickfila and Cracker Barrel.Well,dinner's going to be ready soon.So,bye for now!


  1. Hi, Eli,

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. I'm curious as to how you got interested in becoming a food critic.

  2. Nice to meet you, Eli! I am really looking forward to learning all about your likes and dislikes!

  3. Annie,

    Interesting for you to ask.I wanted a job I'd be good at,and I'm very good at describing textures and food's and I love eating.Plus,it's like eating and you don't have to pay!That's because the people who I work for have to pay for it.
    Well I have to go.bye.

  4. Right now...he "works" for us...apparently.

  5. Eli..Thanks for sharing how it all came about. Maybe I can apply for a similar job with the people you work for. :o)

  6. Annie

    I don't really have people who work for me.That's just my dad telling a joke.