Red Robin

Hey,guess what.I went to Red Robin's.And I got A idea!It's called A Taco Burger.How does it sound?But wait.There's more.It's made out of stuff such as taco meat and tortilla's!I bet I'll win the grand prize for sure!Any ways I was going to tell you how the food was and if kid's would like it or not.It would be good for kid's ages 4-12.Kid's ages 4-6 would love the fun activities they have for them like the coloring menu and the kids ages 7-12 would like the video games and watching TV.Plus there's balloons for all children.So I give Red Robin *** 1/2 stars.Now for the food.I love the Rad Robin burger but I don't like the seeds on the bun.Some of the other kids menu items are pretty good except the macaroni.They are corn dog, spaghetti, pizza, chicken fingers, chicken on a stick, grilled cheese sandwich, and quesadilla.I give **** stars for food.Well, gotta go.

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  1. I love the burger with egg on it

  2. I love Red Robin, the bleu cheeseburger is the BEST!

  3. Jessica

    I would raver prefer my taco burger instead.


    Good choice.I should try it sometime.