Holy Frijoles for Lunch

Today I went to a taco place with my dad, Owen and Olivia for lunch when we were in the city.It was called Holy Frijoles.Anyway's, when I got in there flies were everywhere.Gross!Plus the food took forever!I'd give it only 1/2 * for kid freindly.They didn't have a kids menu either.Now for food, I ordered a soft taco with sour cream and no lettuce and guess what.It had lettuce!I had to take all of it off and that took me forever.But the rest was pretty good.I'd give * for food.Well that's all, bye!

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  1. The first time I went the food was good- well I ordered enchilidas that were covered in cheese so that made it good. But the second time I ate there the food made me really sick. Thumbs down for me too.

  2. I don't like lettuce either and most of the time when I ask for them not to put it on they do. It ruins my meal every time.

  3. Place hasn't been the same since they expanded into the space next door. Now much too loud and far too slow. Review is spot on.

  4. Lisa

    I'm glad you see it my way.


    Well lettuce won't stop me.
    I didn't even know they expanded.