Spoutwood Farm Teen Battle CHEFS

I was asked to come to Spoutwood  Farm's Teen Battle CHEFS, which is an eight session program that teaches teens and "tweens" how to cook, on the last day for the final "battle."

When I got there, the teams had already figured out what they were making. Blue team was making bruschetta, red team was making spinach quesadillas, and the brother and sister team was making cucumber and peach salad.

While I was waiting for the teams to finish their dishes, I helped get mint from the garden. The mint was for an experimental drink the leaders of the teams and Mrs. Liz, the sponsor, were making. I got to see that the farm had a lot of vegetation and wildlife, like sugar snap peas, tomatoes, butterflies, and wood wasps. And I also learned that all of the veggies and fruit that were in the farm's garden were used in the chef's meals.

Finally, the food was ready! The Cucumber and Peach Salad was sweet, but it was missing some pepper. The bruschetta was crunchy and tasted like pizza, but was a little bland. The spinach quesadillas were my favorite. They were served warm, and the goat cheese and spinach complemented each other greatly. The drink was supposed to be like a lemon-lime soda with mint. It was refreshing but I think they needed more fizz and less lemon-lime. I didn't think it was a good combination with the mint.

Overall, I give ***** stars for the food since the meals were made by teens and I think they did a good job. I didn't rate kid friendliness since it was made by teens.

I might actually try to attend the camp next year to make my own culinary creation! Well, that's all. Bye!

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