The North Carolina Adventure: Breakfast

I went to North Carolina with my family so I could hang out at the beach with my grandpa and his wife, Marie. While I was there, I went to 4 restaurants. I'm ordering the reviews in the order of a 4 course meal (including dessert), so it's easier to read and understand. Well, here's my North Carolina food adventure!


I went to a place called Duck Donuts in Duck, North Carolina. I went there because I heard that they had really good donuts. Also, they have only 4 locations, and all of them were on the island.

When I came there, I realized 2 things. One was that it was separated into 2 parts, order and pickup, in different buildings. The second thing was that it was hidden among other restaurants. When I came in, there was lots and lots of Duck Donuts and Outer Banks merchandise, like toys, shirts, and coffee mugs. 

I also noticed that they served their donuts hot and you could create your own donut. I got three donuts: a donut with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, one with peanut butter icing, and one with cinnamon sugar. 

They tasted delicious! The chocolate icing with chocolate sprinkles was chocolaty, the peanut butter icing one had a great peanut butter taste, cinnamon sugar one had lots of cinnamon taste, and they all were warm.

I give ***** stars for food. The reason why I didn't give a rating for kid friendliness was because that any place with only donuts, is really kid friendly!

I would really want to come back so I could get donuts! It's too bad that they don't have any in Maryland! But, oh well! I guess I'll have to wait till next summer! Now, on to the next restaurant!

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