The North Carolina Adventure: Dessert


Last but not least, I went to a place called the Fudgery in North Carolina. When I came in, I saw they had posters of old advertisements, and each one had the owner of the Fudgery on it. They also had ice cream and caramel apples. The staff was really friendly. 

There were different types of fudge like Cookies n' Cream, Rocky Road, Dark Chocolate Nut and Maple Fudge. There were also caramel apple flavors like Pecan, Oreo, and Chocolate chip. I tried a sample of a fudge called Extraordinary Chocolate. I thought it was amazing! It was creamy, smooth, and had a large chocolate and sugar flavor. It tasted like it was from heaven!

I also watched them make the fudge, which was really cool. 

I give ***** stars for food. I'm not judging kid friendliness because I think fudge is kid friendly enough.

I would really want to come here when I don't have braces so I can have a caramel apple. Well, on to my ending!

Thank you for reading all of this (but if you didn't, then do it!). I hope that you have a great rest of the summer, dine at the right places, and continue to keep reading my posts. Well, that's all. Bye

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